Late Game Situations: Need a 3

Late Game Situations: Need a 3

Late Game Situations: Need a 3” by Coach Doug Brotherton was originally published by FastModel Sports

One year ago, Villanova made a buzzer beating three pointer to win the National Championship. In Saturday’s two Final Four games, both match-ups came down to a team needing a 3-pointer to tie the score. In this year’s tournament, we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of this late game situation. As coaches, it is our job to be prepared for every situation. Unfortunately, some college basketball teams did not look prepared when they were down 3, in a late clock situation, with their opponent switching every screen.

Every coach should have a play for this situation. In the tournament, Princeton used a Brad Stevens’ design to generate a wide open three. In the Elite Eight, Kentucky ran their “Pistol Hammer,” which resulted in a made three. For the sake of this project, I have added some other options to the end of their “Pistol Hammer.” These are the best two sets that we have seen, when a team is needing a three.

Princeton – EOG SLOB “Winner”


Kentucky – Pistol Hammer

Pistol Hammer

Way too often, teams have put the ball into a player’s hands, and asked him to be a hero. There is no action being run, and the player dribbles into a contested shot. None were more painful to watch then the final possession of West Virginia’s loss. The goal of this is to give coaches some other actions that they can use to generate a quality shot. The following actions are set’s that were ran in the past, or my own designs.

Iverson UCLA Snap


Stagger Snap Flares


Shuffle Stagger Floppy

Shuffle Stagger

Iverson Stagger Elevator

Iverson Stagger Elevator

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