Defending Ball Screens

Defending Ball Screens

As you prepare for the upcoming season, it is very important that you discuss how your team will defend ball screens. If any of your opponents have a dynamic guard, you had better consider multiple coverages, to disrupt the rhythm of that specific player. Here are some thoughts to consider when planning your ball screen defensive plan:

  • What are you trying to take away from your opponent?
  • Will your ball screen defense be effective against the best opponent on your schedule?
  • Does your ball screen defensive plan, align with your defensive strategy?
    • This point has to do with the mentality of your defense. Are you containing and staying in front? Are you pressuring to speed up your opponent? This should help to drive your decision making, when choosing your coverages.

Below is some information, which we created for Jay Bilas Basketball Camps. It is a simple guide, to multiple ball screen defensive coverages. We do not have diagrams for switching the ball screen, but this is a good choice for a lot of teams.

Defending Ball Screens Drill Book



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