Brad Stevens – ATO Master

Brad Stevens – ATO Master

It is no secret that Brad Stevens is a great coach. Dating back to his time at Butler, Brad Stevens has always maximized the potential of his roster. As the Celtics have gotten better every year, this has allowed Boston to play more high profile games on National TV. Over time, people are learning that Brad Stevens has developed into one of the best ATO (after time out) coaches in the world. Below are three sets from the 2017 NBA Playoffs. All three of these ATO designs resulted in a basket for the Celtics. This includes the set that Brad Stevens called, which got Avery Bradley a wide open game winning three in the 2017 Eastern Conference Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. In looking at these sets, Stevens has anticipated the look that he will get defensively. This allows him to run a counter action, resulting in the shot that he wants. 

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“Cross Twist”

This set was run against the Washington Wizards, and resulted in a layup for the Celtics. Stevens ran a misdirection set, twisting the traditional small to big cross screen. X4 fought through the screen from 3. The 4 cut off of the cross screen, to screen for 3. The 3 opened to the ball, receiving the pass from the top of the key.

“Baseline Slip Muscle”

The best coaches are always learning and improving, so that they can evolve with the game. Brad Stevens ran this ATO, which is actually a set from the Golden State Warriors. There is a saying, which all coaches would be smart to remember, “if it works AGAINST your team, it will also work FOR your team.”


“Stagger Curl Snap”

Stevens ran this set, anticipating that the Cavaliers would be switching all screens. The best part of the design is that the defense was going to be wrong. The initial curl cut would have required the Cavaliers to switch JR Smith, onto Crowder. This is a post iso situation, with an advantage for the Celtics. The down screen for Bradley also had an option for Horford to slip the screen. The Cavaliers botched the initial switch. Horford demonstrated terrific basketball IQ, by screening his own man, who was responsible for switching the next screen. 

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