How To Score Using Wing Ball Screens – RESCREEN

How To Score Using Wing Ball Screens – RESCREEN

Ball screens are one of the most popular and effective actions in today’s game. There are many types of ball screens, however more important than the type of ball screen is how the defense is playing the screen. Most attack reads can be performed on a variety of screens. For example, a chase ball screen can be rejected in the same fashion as a wing ball screen if the defender ices or jumps early. The following is one of a series of ways to break down effective ways to use a ball screen.

Below we breakdown attacking the wing ball screen

DEFENSE PLAYING: under/no show defense

READ: ReScreen



This is a good option for aggressive defenses. The quick rescreen puts the defense out of position. Especially when the screener’s defender is slow of foot. Once the second screen is set there is usually a good amount of space to attack for pull-ups or room to get downhill.


  • Read how defender plays initial screen
  • Create space and angles for big to rescreen
  • Attack the second screen
  • Read the defense and use attack reads


  • Three
  • Separation pullup
  • Hesitation go by
  • Lower screen for mid-range shots

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