Performance: Being in the moment

Performance: Being in the moment

So you’ve taken care of your rest, nutrition, and preparation for competition. Now, it’s time to perform at your best no matter the circumstance. Being present minded is one of the biggest keys to performing at your best!

THINK ABOUT IT – when you experience doubt, fear, or worry as an athlete, what are you really focused on? You are either focused on a past event or a future event. This type of thinking shows up in our personal lives as well. How many times during the day do you take a moment to take a deep breath and just focus on the present moment? It might even sound weird to some of you. How many times during a game have you dwelled on a past turnover, missed layup, or bad decision? It’s been several dead balls and you still feel embarrassed over that missed layup or being blocked.

You perform at your best when you are locked in on the present moment. Allowing the game to come to you naturally. Going with the flow of the game and not allowing the frustrations of the past or fear of the future dictate your style of play.



  • The ability to quickly move on from a mistake or success and adjust to what is currently happening on the court. 


GOATS like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan had incredibly fast next play mentalities. These two athletes also consistently practiced mindfulness. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that athletes use to train their minds to be more present. Mindfulness helps athletes to be calm under pressure and have quicker and better decision-making. In an interview, Kobe Bryant said he does 10-15 minutes of meditation every morning before he starts his day. He says it helps him to better handle whatever he encounters during his day; he is more composed. These are skills that can take your game to the next level!

If you are interested in trying out mindfulness I recommend you download an app called “HeadSpace”. It is a great way to start meditating every day for just a few minutes. You will begin to notice a difference in your mood and overall mental clarity throughout the day. Contact Coach Brittany if you have further questions or desire to implement more mental training into your routine.

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