Best Partner Skill Drills

Best Partner Skill Drills

Keys to successful basketball skill development

Players must be pushed outside their comfort zone

So many times players think during an individual ball handling drill that if they don’t lose the ball they are doing a good job. Most of the time this is incorrect. It usually means they simply are not going hard enough. Players should pound the basketball, taking harder dribbles and making quicker moves. They should be going so hard that they may lose the ball. By competing with a partner it will push players to go harder than they would by themselves. Each rep needs to be game speed and players need to have a sense of urgency and purpose.

This HANDLE RACE is a good drill to improve ballhandling and first step quickness. You can use a variety of dribble moves before exploding to the cone.

Players must compete

 Give players the opportunity to compete. You can be very creative with these types of drills. Competitive drills should bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to any workout.  5on5 games are not the only way to compete. You can break down different aspects of the game into competitive skill work segments. The best players love to compete.

This FULL SPEED FINISHER is a good drill to improve full speed footwork, ball handling and scoring. There are a ton of variations of Shot Tag.

Players must see how drills translate to the game

 Skill development should be centered around better on-court performance. Many times we get caught up in breakdown drills and fail to let our athletes see how they translate to in-game success. It is crucial that we put players in situations that they see regularly on the court to improve confidence and give them a variety of options while in those situations.

This 1ON1 DOWNHILL ATTAC is a good drill to improve attacking the recovering defender. This is a great opportunity for athletes to work on full speed attack and counter moves.

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