Advice From A Pro: How To Make It Overseas

Advice From A Pro: How To Make It Overseas

If you are reading this then you are already on the right track. Willingness to learn from others in life is a very useful character trait. It is also an important starting point in moving towards your goals and achieving milestones faster. The people you encounter will vouch for your character and your basketball ability will speak for itself. This fundamental advice will increase your chances of becoming a professional basketball player and increase your chances of success once there.

1.) Work Harder; Work Smarter
Start improving yourself now. Figure out how you can create a competitive advantage. Be a lockdown defender, a great shooter, have superior endurance, excellent vision, great footwork or a combination of dynamic skills. Appreciate or completely fall in love with the progress and the process.

2.) Game Film
Have full games and highlights available for your agent. A film that shows the best of a range of skills offensively and defensively works best. It should highlight strengths and disguise weaknesses.

3.) Hiring an Agent
Take your time. There are hundreds of agents that represent clients from all over the world. It will take time to navigate through them and find the best for you. The biggest agency is not always the best for you. You should feel comfortable with their ability to present your body of work to the best available employer. Their ability to advise you on the markets and your value within those markets is also important. Perhaps you have a contact already playing overseas that can vouch for an agency and serve as a liaison initially. Carefully figure out what is important to you and some goals you would like to achieve. Describe those wishes and concerns to your agent in detail in order to establish a plan together.

4.) A Support System
Hopefully, your entire career is without distractions or setbacks. More than likely you will encounter a variety of struggles along your journey. Having something or someone that helps you remain focused and appreciate playing basketball for a living while traveling the world will be a huge benefit. Perhaps your faith, family, close friends, or a hobby can provide a mental happy place when several months of practicing twice a day is wearing on you, your payment is several weeks late, you can’t force another bite of the local cuisine, it’s winter and the gym is somehow colder than outside, the wifi is out in your apartment, coach is playing you out of position, and a shooting slump has gone on too long. These are all very real issues pro players face. Trust in the power of a reliable support system to keep you level-headed and power through. It’s not extremely complicated. Be the best player you can be and compete to attain the highest level you possibly can or the most money or the most stability or the most fun. Whatever drives you to continue living your dream and that may change as your journey develops.

Side note: Remember you are also in a foreign country and it’s best to respect others customs and culture. Besides basketball, you will also earn respect in this way. If you are able to adapt and enjoy experiencing new people, new languages, and a new way of life then you’re career can be very long and filled with experiences to last a lifetime.

Article Submitted by   Brandon Thomas 
College: UMASS
Current Team: Regatas C. Argentina

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