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LEARN to communicate

High-level teams and players consistently demonstrate high-level communication. Players hear how important communication is from coaches constantly, but they fail to realize how much of an impact it really has on individual/team success. How many times are you in...

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Physical/Mental Preparation

Physical and mental preparation for an athlete should be a year around routine. Depending on if its pre-season, regular season, or postseason your preparation may look different. What is your end goal? Where do you want this basketball to take you? How far are you...

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Go to sleep and wake up a better player!!!

S-L-E-E-P One of the most underappreciated performance enhancers in sports is SLEEP. The sad part is that student-athletes like you probably aren’t taking sleep serious enough or struggle to get enough rest. Sleep is an active state of repair, rebuilding,...

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Lighting Quick Hands ⚡️

Whether it’s to have a quicker crossover, get hands in the passing lanes, or the ability to rip ball handlers like Chris Paul, you HAVE to have quick hands. But not everyone has a Mr. Miyagi to help them wax on and wax off those hands for greater quickness and...

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