Turn your offseason into Improvement Season!

Turn your offseason into Improvement Season!

Every player should have a specific set of individual goals. The offseason is where you make those goals a reality. Champions know that during the season it is all about the TEAM. The “offseason” is all about me. However, if you can push, pull or drag your teammates along with you through your training your growth as an individual and team will improve much more rapidly. Having your teammates train with you helps you in a variety of ways. It will help them get better giving you better teammates to play with, it builds chemistry, sets you apart as a leader, gives you competition, and much more.

Having a basketball skills trainer is an amazing resource. If you are fortunate enough to work with a trainer every day you are one of the very few. Most serious players only work with a trainer a few of days a week. The good thing is you can still build a plan to improve on days that you do not see a trainer. As once you know the skills you want to break down and build up much of the work is in proper repetition.

Many players have goals that relate to improving there scoring, shooting percentage, free throw shooting etc. These are good goals we just have to be specific with benchmarks and the steps to get to the end goal. Below are a few documents that can help when looking to improve your shooting ability. (CLICK THE LINKS)

Offseason Scoring Chart

Shooting Buildup Workout

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