Fuel The Machine – Basketball Nutrition

Fuel The Machine – Basketball Nutrition

Although many players have proven to be quite versatile in this sport; The best players are a combination of muscle, brain, physical endurance, strength and speed. For the correct development of this, not only does it require a strong training to maintain body fat below 10%, it is important to acquire a nutritious diet that keeps the player to its maximum potential

Dieting Habits of a Successful Basketball Player

Muscle growth and resistance development allied with the speed and strength of the player. So to be able to generate strength and speed, it is necessary that the player has a body fat index of 10% or less and at the same time his muscles have adequate training to regenerate fast and at the same time be strong and flexible.

The basic habits of a basketball player’s diet are:

1-Accelerated Metabolism: Muscle growth works best if the nutrients enter the body quickly and are metabolized by it. If the metabolism also keeps accelerated, the body loses fat in a passive and constant way, additional to the one that loses in the training.

Therefore, it is required that a player of Basketball ingests at least 6 meals distributed in an average of 3 to 4 hours. This will keep the body burning fat to digest food, producing nutrients and keeping the body in a perfect state avoiding fatigue

2-Ingesting proteins at all meals: Protein is a key part of the diet of basketball players for something they do not normally take into account: they are much more difficult to digest, provide regenerative and strength abilities to muscles, and give Feeling of being satisfied with regard to appetite.

To properly eat at least 20 grams of protein must be within each meal, which may vary: boiled eggs, red meats, chicken, fish, turkey, Greek yogurt or nuts.

3-Intake Carbs Just Before Training: Given the energy demand of the workout, looking to keep the body healthy and the mind of the player livened up, carbohydrates are needed before the workout.

Carbohydrates work as the main energy generators of the body, therefore must be present at the time of performing a training, however for the rest of the day, are ignored completely put the unused energy provided by these, tends to be stored in Form of fat.

Complex carbohydrates such as oats, sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and legumes are part of the diet while simple carbohydrates should be excluded (sweets, soda, white bread)

4-Do does not rely on supplements: We are talking about a player’s diet, to be successful we can not depend only on the chemicals we add to the body, or in the long run, we can harm ourselves.

Although supplements play an important part in the diet (protein powder, fish oil, vitamin D, Omega 6 and 3) at no time should they substitute the foods of a rich diet, if not more, to function as additional support against the possibility of lack of some nutrient in the body.

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