Qualities Of A Team Leader

Qualities Of A Team Leader

  • Truly believes the interest of the team ALWAYS comes first
  • Will give blood, sweat, and tears for the benefit of the team
  • Always knows at the end of the day he competed like a champion
  • Uses mistakes to improve instead of excuses
  • Does the little things right when no one is looking
  • Finds a way to give a little more than what is asked and takes a little less than what is deserved
  • Think you can and you do
  • Compete without the option of defeat
  • Does the dirty work (box out, defense, communicate, dive on the floor, etc.)
  • Play through pain without causing a scene
  • Encourage, cheer, and build up teammates
  • Is a “trail blazer” not a follower
  • Does not allow others to talk negatively about the team or individuals associated with the team
  • Expect and demand the best from teammates
  • Take pride in facility and name on the jersey
  • Donate time and energy to give back and better the program. Not asking what’s in it for me

LEADERSHIP- It’s what separates WINNERS from LOSERS

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