A Little Bit More

A Little Bit More

It is a fact: you play at the level at which you practice.  This goes beyond talent. Greatness isn’t about making a big play or putting up “big numbers”. Greatness is a mindset (Focus, Intensity, Compete, Effort). Consistently good practice leads to consistently good play.  It sharpens your talent.  Successful people understand this.  They value practice and develop the discipline to bring it every day.  If you want to sum up what lifts most successful individuals above the crowd, you could do it with four little words, a little bit more.  Successful people pay their dues and do all that is expected of them — plus a little bit more.


Many talented people have the ability to have flashes of greatness. It is the work that is put in day to day that allows for sustained greatness. Anyone can get up for a big game, but it takes true dedication to your craft to put in the daily work it takes to reach greatness on a consistent basis. Bringing maximum focus, effort, intensity and competing “A Little Bit More” in all you do is greatness.

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