Creating Space to Score

Creating Space to Score

As athletes advance and the competition becomes quicker, stronger, longer and smarter it is crucial to be able to create space. Space is a weapon that gives an offensive player the advantage. The ability to create what we refer to as an air pocket between you and the defender is key. This air pocket not only gives you space and time to get a shot off, but it also creates a close out situation.  Close outs are a scorers best friend. However your muscles must be trained how to take advantage of the situation because the air pocket can disappear very quickly. Effective scorers know that close outs not only allow the opportunity to get a shot off, but also allow for a lead foot attack (which we will share how to exploit in another post).


 This video is part of a series that we use to reinforce footwork, explosion, balance and creating separation to get a shot off.  ENJOY!


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