Life of an Overseas Pro

Life of an Overseas Pro

Peace & Buckets,

My name is Kevin Nelson. I have been fortunate enough to play Professional Basketball overseas for a decade, in Europe and South America. I hold a huge appreciation for my family, coaches, & my great teammates. Without them, my journey would be impossible.


(Union Athletica ran this set for Kevin Nelson, as you will see in the video below)

Speaking about journeys, below is a quick glimpse of my evolution as a basketball player. I have played numerous positions throughout my career. These different roles, and the challenges that they present, are the source of my experience and insight. This knowledge has helped me compete at a high level, as I continue to love this game.

In Middle School, I was a Point Guard
On my AAU team, I was a specialist, who spaced the floor as a Shooter.
My High School team, at Detroit Country Day School, also utilized me as a Shooter.
In College, at Central Michigan University, I handled a lot of the scoring load.
As a Pro, I play multiple guard positions, calling on my lifetime of experience to demonstrate numerous skills.

As players develop, the “HoopGrind” never stops! Self-assessment and improvement will always be the KEY to development. Players must be hungry, and also honest with themselves. If they do these two things, players will increase their improvements. It is the ability to improve that guarantees our success, our ability to help our team win games, and maintain our confidence throughout the season.

With the 2017-18 season around the corner, having a great year is an expectation among all true students and competitors of the game. This can only happen with great PREPARATION!

As we continue this weekly post, “Life of an Overseas Pro,” you can see what success looks like from the perspective of a professional player. As I aim to give back to the game, you will get some insight from a trainer, shooting specialist, and life-long student of the game.

Make sure to take the game seriously, while always truly enjoying it! FINDING YOUR perfect balance between the two is very important!

I hope to be a great resource, in helping you find a way to be the best that you can be.


Kevin Nelson a.k.a. Master Buckets

You can find Kevin Nelson via Instagram at @MasterBuckets7

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