Ball Screen Attack Options When Defender Goes Under

Ball Screen Attack Options When Defender Goes Under


Ball Screen: Defender goes under
Here we look at a variety of attack options against a defense where the on ball defender goes under the screen.  This defense is usually played when the defense is not concerned with giving up to a jump shot. However even if the ball handler is not a “shooter” there are some great attack options to put pressure on the defense.


TURN THE CORNER:  The ball handler must attack hard and look to get down hill quickly. The goal is to get to the help side defenders outside hip. Attacking the outside hip of the help side will take the on ball defenders angle away. It will also put a lot of pressure on the help. Many times this is a big man that is not quick enough to move their feet and stay in front. 

ATTACK TO SPACE: The ball handler must look to find space once coming off the screen. This will put pressure on the defender to closeout hard. This will put the defense in a close out situation. The ball handler will have the option to shoot, shot fake, step through (as shown in the video above) or attack off the dribble. see the screener’s defender to know how they are playing the screen. This will help to indicate what attack options will be the most effective. Below we will look at a few different defensive techniques

POUND STOP PULL UP: This read is for a jump shot. The key is to force the on ball defender under the screen and to use the screener for separation. There are a couple of good options to get the shot of. The use of a side step or step back can be used or simply stopping directly behind the screener.  This can also be done using a LOWER SCREEN FOR MID RANGE  jump shots as well as setting up hesitation attacks.  

BIG RESCREENS: This action  is great as it puts the help side in an unusual position as the angle of the screen changes. A lot of times the defense ends up switching the second screen that often creates mismatch opportunities that can be easily exploited with sound offense. 

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