Decision Making Drills For Players

Decision Making Drills For Players

Basketball is a game of decisions. Here we look at a few situations where players are put in a position where a quick decision must be made. These are three common areas where players make mistakes that turn easy scoring opportunities into missed opportunities. 

Attacking a helpside Defender: 

A player must be able to read the defender and make the best decision for the situation. This beat the help drill gives the chance to get game speed reps and work on multiple finishes. A few of the staples we work on in this drill are runners, floaters, pro hops, euros, kyries and a variety of nudges and separation finishes.


2 vs 1 (help the helper):

The next situation we look at is a 2 vs 1 with the option for a drop off pass. This is a situation where a ball handler is coming off a downhill attack and must be under control and able to make a quick read. This drill puts an emphasis on quickly reading the initial help defender to determine if the opportunity to score is available. The other read will be the drop off pass with the help the helper man dropping to cut off the angle.

2 vs 2 shooter in the corner:

One of the most effective actions in game is to drive at a shooter. This will be the help defender in a tough situation. This drill will incorporate a decision be made by the ball handler and the off ball player. The ball handler will drive looking to score first. The off ball player has the option to back door, space or fill behind. Effective decision makers should be able to get a scoring opportunity with 1 pass or less. 

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