Basketball’s 2% Club

Basketball’s 2% Club

Did You Know??

Only 2% of high school athletes will receive some kind of athletic scholarship. Of the 7.4 Million high school student athletes only 460,000 will attend college on some kind of athletic scholarship. Make sure you are doing your job not only on the court, but  in the classroom, and truly embracing the term student athlete. 

ONLY 3% of high school basketball players will go on to play in college. ONLY 2% will receive a scholarship.  Your work ethic determines if you are part of the 2%. Open gym and pickup games will not get it done. You need serious commitment and a plan to be the 2%.

If you work hard enough to earn that opportunity to play college basketball. ONLY THE TOP 1.2% will go on to be drafted in the NBA


Take a look at the following Statistics:

High School Basketball Players: 545,844

High School Senior Basketball Players: 155,955

NCAA Student Basketball Players: 17,500

Average NCAA Freshman Roster Positions: 5000

NCAA Student Athletes Drafted: 48

% High School to NCAA: 3.4%

% NCAA to Professional: 1.2%

% High School to NBA: 0.03%


To increase your chances of making it consider the following:

  1. Maintain a DAILY mindset towards improving
  2. Take pride in your performance in the classroom
  3. Always be the hardest worker on the court/in the weight room
  4. Have a plan for improvement or don’t just get shots up
  5. Work on your mental toughness
  6. Be dedicated to Physical Training
  7. Are you maximizing your time
  8. Work on ALL aspects of your game
  9. Work on ALL aspects of your physical abilities (conditioning, Strength, power, mobility and balance)
  10. Build a strong brand for yourself

If you are not willing to sacrifice and dedicate hours when others are not you are not college material. If you aren’t willing to be obsessive in your dedication to the game you are not pro material!

Give 100% in all phases and maximize your abilities. You don’t have to be the best now just work towards it, EVERYDAY!

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