Wing Ball Screen Sets

Wing Ball Screen Sets

One of the first ball screens that we will discuss is a Wing Ball Screen. There are countless set plays, which can give your team an advantage, but we will focus on two specific sets.

UCLA Ball Screen

A commonly used wing ball screen is the UCLA ball screen. Some teams run this as a set play, while others run it as a Continuity Offense. Below is a breakdown of the UCLA Ball Screen.


  1. Is the point guard open on the UCLA cut?
  2. If the point guard is NOT open, that means that X5 helped on the cut. This means that the ball screen should allow the guard to easily turn the corner to attack the paint.
  3. When the guard turns the corner, he is looking to score first, or read the help second.



A commonly used NBA Action is “Wedge.” This is where a team screens at the elbow, for a player to sprint into a wing ball screen. This eliminates the hard hedge or trap. Here is a video of the Golden State Warriors running their version of “Wedge.”

These are two simple wing ball screen actions, which are very effective at any level. If you are looking for more wing ball screen options, you can reach Coach Doug Brotherton at @CoachBrotherton on Twitter, or by e-mail:

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