Ten Ball Screen Actions

Ten Ball Screen Actions

The NBA season will tip off on Tuesday night. In those games, you can expect to see numerous types of ball screens, as teams try to get their best players an opportunity to attack in space. Below is a list of some of the ball screens that you can expect to see. Different terminology is used by different teams, so we are going to use our own terminology to describe the actions. A great example of this is when a post player sprints from the block, to the top of the key, to set a single high ball screen. This can be called a race out ball screen, step up ball screen, sprint ball screen, single high ball screen, or countless other things. For the purpose of this project, we will pick one name for each of the ten ball screen actions.

Wing Ball Screen = A ball screen that is set on the wing, to get a ball handler a chance to attack the middle of the floor.

Invert Ball Screen = A ball screen that is set on the wing, to get a ball handler a chance to attack the baseline.

Race out Ball Screen = A ball screen where the screener sprints from the baseline, to set a high ball screen.

Chase Ball Screen = A ball screen where the screener sets an off ball screen, then follows into a ball screen for the same player.

Angle Ball Screen = A ball screen, usually in the slot or middle of the floor, where the screener is angled, to get the ball handler attacking downhill.

Flat Ball Screen = A ball screen where the screener’s chest is pointed towards half court (or butt is pointed to the baseline).

Drag Ball Screen = A ball screen that occurs in transition, with a trailing post player setting the screen.

Flip Ball Screen = A ball screen where the screener approaches one side of the defender, and flips to the opposite side to screen.

STS Ball Screen = “STS” stands for Screen the Screener. This is where the screener is screened, before setting the ball screen.

Spain Ball Screen = A Spain ball screen is when two post players work together. One sets the ball screen, while the other screens the help defender.

Each week, we will pick out TWO of these actions, and explain it in more detail. As the NBA season begins, be on the look out for these actions. If you see a good example, tweet us at @HOOPGRIND . Next week, we will explain some options out of the Wing Ball Screen and Invert Ball Screen. If you want to discuss other ball screen actions, please do not hesitate to reach out. An example of a ball screen action, which is not on our list, would be @Nschmidty2‘s recent blog post, “Study Your Craft: Logo Pick-n-Roll.”

This list was developed by Coach Doug Brotherton and the HoopGrind Basketball Staff.
You can reach Coach Doug Brotherton via Twitter at @CoachBrotherton or you can e-mail him at CoachBrotherton@gmail.com

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