Study Your Craft: Logo Pick-n-Roll

Study Your Craft: Logo Pick-n-Roll

Pick-n-Roll actions have become very popular at all levels of basketball, from high school to professional. One specific type of ball screen action that is more common in the NBA is the Logo Pick and Roll. This action was used pretty frequently by the LA Clippers this past season, as well as a number of other teams around the league. The term ‘logo’ comes from the actual NBA teams logo on their court. The logo is located in the mid-range area on either side between the lane line and 3-pt line.

Many NBA teams have changed court designs over the years and gone away with the team logo in this area, but as you will see in the video there are still a couple teams that have them.


Last year for the Clippers, their combination of Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan/Blake Griffin created a very tough cover in any pick-n-roll situation. The logo pick-n-roll creates an especially tough cover for defenses because of Paul’s passing ability and mid-range jumper along with Jordan’s + Griffin’s athleticism and ability to finish at the rim. This screen allows Paul to get to one of his highest percentage area shots, the elbows. If the big defender shows or hedges at all it is a quick pocket or lob pass to the big on the roll. As you will see in the first couple clips, Paul is not fighting to get downhill or turn the corner, he is simple using the screen to get to the elbow area for his jumper.



The Logo Pick-n-Roll concept allows NBA offenses to take advantage of the NBA defensive 3-second rule, which forces the defense to cover a ton of ground to rotate over to the big on the roll. As you will see in the clips of the big finishing at the rim, all three help side defenders are having to start outside or on the outer edge of the lane. Causing them to be a step or two late when Paul hits the big on the roll. The NBA defensive 3-second rule certainly helps the offense in this action and the Clippers took full advantage of it.


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