NBA Spotlight: Motion Strong Actions

NBA Spotlight: Motion Strong Actions

Welcome back to NBA Spotlight! This week we will build on the motion strong set made popular by the San Antonio Spurs. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, take a look at last weeks article on the Spurs offense and my experience going to the 2014 NBA Finals (The 2014 San Antonio Spurs – Beautiful Game)! This will be a shorter segment that focuses on special counters out of the motion strong action as well as how to flow into your teams 3 or 5 out alignment if you’re not a team that plays 4 out and 1 in. I will also share variations of this action to be used against man to man and 2-3 zone defenses.


—–4 out

Just a short review, motion strong is a secondary break action where the ball is reversed to the opposite wing. The purpose is to either flow into motion offense or into a set play. Our focus here will be to continue into our motion.

Vs 2-3


—–3 out

for the teams that still play with three guards and two posts, just have your screeners stay along the elbows and posts for your desired alignment.

Vs 23


—–5 out

For teams that also like to play with Five players on the perimeter, simply have your screeners and posts step out to the perimeter. A really good example of this concept is the Davidson college Wildcats under coach Bob Mckillop.

Vs 23


—–Strong Flow

This action in particular puts a lot of stress on the defense since they are unable to help. The court becomes two separate games of two on two looking for mismatches.

Vs 23

Against a zone, have both screeners slip to the middle and you’ll be able to play out of a 131 set for a high to low or low to high. When screens are set properly here, the defense will be spread very thin.


—–Strong Triangle

A popular counter in the NBA, teams use this set to get into what’s called triangle or overload spacing. Though some teams will use a segment of the triangle offense, its more so used for a high to low post entry or corner pick and roll. It’s a good way to get a corner 3 as well when the guard sprints through to the corner.


Vs 23

When facing a zone defense, this set is very effective because you’re overloading one side of the floor as well as screening parts of the zone. From here the options are plentiful as we look to play inside out.



—–Strong Chest

When you want to get your shooter a three without having them touch the ball prior, this is the set for you. It creates so much misdirection and movement that yields a scoring opportunity. This flare screen action is called chest because our post with set a screen with his chest for our shooter to get open.



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