NBA Spotlight: Horns Series (part 2)

NBA Spotlight: Horns Series (part 2)

Welcome back to part 2 of our Horns series on NBA Spotlight! If you haven’t had a chance to see the previous article, check out NBA Spotlight: Horns Series (part 1). This post will focus on Horns actions from various NBA teams.

—–High Post/Elbow Entry
• Cleveland Cavaliers Rub
This set is an absolute nightmare as Lebron and company have demonstrated for the past several seasons. It’s difficult to switch in that area of the floor which means a good passer can pick apart the options available. It also forces your point guards defender to sink down into the paint which allows your guard the space to attack.


• Oklahoma City Thunder Backdoor
Billy Donovan had a lot of fun with this set especially during After timeout situations. Take a look at my After Timeout article from a few weeks ago! This play involves misdirection as the lead guard enters the ball and runs to the corner. From here your next best player uses a double ball screen to pull the opposing bigs away from the basket while the backdoor pass is thrown to our lead guard.


• Philadelphia 76ers Floppy
This is an excellent set if you have multiple shooters who can run off screens or if you have posts that are skilled down low. After the initial entry and return of the ball to the point, we lead to a floppy action that gives everyone space to operate. For a more in depth look on the floppy series, take a look at one of our articles which details its intricacies!


• Utah Jazz Shuffle
Misdirection is the key to this set and it’s a very good variation on screening the screener. The 5 man movement makes it very difficult for the defense to help.


—–Dribble Entry
• Portland Trailblazers Zipper Flow
The blazers have one of the most difficult offenses to defend and it goes beyond having talented players like Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum, and Jursif Nurkic. There Flow action is used by most of the NBA because of its ability to spread the defense thin and prevent help from the defense. This is effective against 23 zone as well when you screen the top and bottom of the zone and slip towards the middle.

• Golden State Warriors Zipper Split

You don’t need to have 4 NBA all stars to be as effective on offense as Dub Nation has become. We get introduced to the post split which involves a perimeter player screening away for another guard while the post looks to make a read or score.


—–Ballscreen Entry
• Toronto Raptors Lift Stagger
Here is a fun example of the basic lift action from the men in Jurassic park. Instead of a Weakside exchange with your shooter, they will sprint off of a baseline stagger screen for a jumpshot. Your post player will also attract a lot of attention when they get involved.


• Miami Heat Flow
Back when the big three were down in south beach, they used this action to spread the floor. With ray Allen being the beneficiary of this action, the others had free reign to attack the rim with explosive results.


• Boston Celtics 45 Twist

Brad Stevens leverages his post players on the perimeter with this play. The goal is to open the floor to allow our best drivers to attack off of the catch with a live dribble.


That does it for NBA Spotlight: Horns Series (part 2)! Feel free to contact me via twitter @KJ_the_scout, or via email at and see how this concept can benefit your program!

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