K.I.S.S. Series – Zone Sets

K.I.S.S. Series – Zone Sets


In the final part of our Better Coaches, K.I.S.S. Series, we will give you a few simple zone sets. This past season, our opponents played a zone defense on over 70% of our offensive possessions. Our goal was to “win in Transition!” You can find more simple Transition Offense tips in part one of our “K.I.S.S. Series – Transition Offense.”

When there were dead ball situations, or we struggled to find a rhythm in the half court, we would go to one of our zone sets. Below is a look at some of our simple, but effective zone sets. As we aim to “keep it simple,” these sets work against numerous zone defenses, by simply teaching the appropriate screening angle.

“K.I.S.S. stands for Keep ISimple, Stupid!”



This zone set is used to get an interior touch, by running a shooter along the baseline. As the defense stretches to the corner, we screen an interior defender, to get the ball inside.



My Assistant Coach, Nick Petito (TABC Assistant Coach of the Year), brought me this terrific set. We loved the action, but did not have any dunkers in our high school girls basketball program.

We tweaked the set, to make it a three point set, for our best shooter. Our best playmaker gets two inside screens, allowing for middle penetration. When the middle defender steps up, the wing must choose between giving up a lay-up, or a corner 3.



This is a misdirection set, which is designed to get an open three-point shot. A lot of times, we would run this set to see if our opponent had scouted us. If they did, then we would slip the bottom screen, and throw the ball inside for an interior touch.

As I stated in the opening, our focus against zone defenses is to try to “win in Transition.” We do not want a different defense, to eliminate what we do best. In half court situations, these three sets have been very effective for our teams. If you have any questions, or need more recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact Coach Doug Brotherton at: CoachBrotherton@gmail.com
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