K.I.S.S. Series – BLOB Systems

K.I.S.S. Series – BLOB Systems

In the part three of our Better Coaches, K.I.S.S. Series, we will give a SIMPLE baseline out of bounds (BLOB) option. In our program, we put an emphasis on baseline out of bounds situations. In the past two years, we have been +6 points per game in these situations. It is the easiest way to use scouting, to gain an advantage. It is my belief that this advantage has played a big role in our 14-3 record, in games decided by 8 points or less. The purpose of the K.I.S.S. Series is to remind coaches the benefits of “keeping it simple.”

“K.I.S.S. stands for Keep ISimple, Stupid!”

In our program, we use the “Odd, Even, Zero Baseline Out Of Bounds System. Here is a link to the article that I wrote explaining the “Odd, Even, Zero – BLOB System”. Below is a link to download the six BLOB sets that we used, which are designed to work against man-to-man or zone defenses:

[download-attachment id=”6641″ title=”Odd, Even, Zero – BLOB Series”]

Now that we have talked about what we do in our program, we want to give coaches another option for their BLOB system. The “20 Series” is a great system to get a shooter involved in a screen-the-screener action. The simplicity is strength of this series. Players will confidently execute the actions, and the passer will become very good at reading the defense.


“20 Series”

The “20 Series” is a BLOB (baseline out of bounds) System. It uses a number call, to tell the players where the screening action will occur. The second action is always a double screen for the screener. This screen the screener action is very effective. After the double screen, one player should flash to the ball, the other should space to the top of the key.

“25” = 2 screens the 5, then receives a double stagger screen

“24” = 2 screens the 4, then receives a double stagger screen

“23” = 2 screens the 3, then receives a double stagger screen

“20” = 2 fakes a screen for 3, then slips back to the ball. 3 receives a double stagger screen

*** This series can also be run as a “30 series,” if a coach wants the option to put the 3 in the “Shooter Spot.”


Hopefully the “Odd, Even, Zero BLOB System” or the “20 Series” fit the needs of your team. If not, we just encourage you to avoid falling into the trap of having eight inbounds plays, which are all from different formations, and will cause you to spend the entire season frustrated with your players. The most effective plays, are the plays that your players can confidently execute. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please reach out to Coach Doug Brotherton at CoachBrotherton@gmail.com
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