Contributor Spotlight: KJ Smith

Contributor Spotlight: KJ Smith

KJ SMITH on “NBA Spotlight”

What is the purpose of your “NBA Spotlight” series?

“I will take popular plays from the NBA, and show coaches how those plays can be used at all levels. It will also give coaches some fresh ideas. Whenever possible, the plays will be designed to work against man to man and 2-3 zone defenses.”

Why should coaches get excited about “NBA Spotlight?”

“Coaches can expect to see sets that will be adapted for all levels and roster strengths. I will be a resource for coaches, in case they have a specific NBA action that they would like to focus on.”

How will coaches be able to use “NBA Spotlight” to better their programs?

“Coaches will be able to use NBA Spotlight to take NBA actions, and focus on teaching their players how to play, instead of just running plays. All of the actions shown will allow players to think for themselves within a free-flowing system.”


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You can look for KJ Smith’s first piece next week, Tuesday, July 25th.

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