Blocker Mover Offense, The Great Equalizer:  Why You Will Love The Offense

Blocker Mover Offense, The Great Equalizer: Why You Will Love The Offense

Every offseason many of us are reviewing our system and looking for ways to improve on it based on what our team talent will be for the next season.  Many of us make some changes from year to year with the goal of playing our best basketball at the end of the season, in hopes of advancing as far as we can in post season play.  Well, look no further.  One of the reasons you will love the Blocker Mover Offense is that it truly creates an identity for your team.  It is an excellent system that will have your team playing it’s the best offense at the end.   Also, due to having to defend it on a daily basis in practice, your team will be developing a tough, fundamentally sound defense throughout the year.  The Blocker Mover system is can easily be adapted to your talent level.  And finally, sets easily flow into Blocker Mover and therefore you can continue to use all of your favorites.  Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

One of the reasons you will love the Blocker Mover Offense is that it truly creates an identity for your team.

It has been my experience that Blocker Mover helps in creating an identity for your team.  Offensively, you can play at any pace that fits your talent.  If you have superior talent the screen roll and flare screen action becomes extremely difficult to guard.  If your talent is lesser, you can burn time until you get the shot you want.  Either way, your team offense will get better with every practice of it.  As in any offense, the timing and spacing of it are critical.  Individually, understanding of individual roles, execution, shot selection, and being a giving teammate will make or break it; but this is true of any offense you are running.   

On the defensive side your team, if your players have any conviction, will become tougher and adept at defending all of the screening action.  There will be no screening action that they have not seen and therefore will become better at defending them.   Within the Blocker Mover Offense you will naturally have to defend side ball screens, top ball screens, pin down screens, flare screens, screen the screener screens, double staggers, ball screen into flare screens, and any other possibility that we can dream up.  Therefore, teach your players how you want these scenarios defended and drill them.  Then, while you are running your offense, these screening situations will naturally occur providing daily practice on defending them. 

How many times have we seen bad shots after a set because it is simply time to shoot?  A question I would want you to consider is what do you do when your sets break down?  Blocker Mover provides a great structure that your team can flow into after your set has been run and no option was available.  Keep all of your sets that you like and run them into Blocker Mover which will give you the best of both worlds.  If your team can efficiently run sets into Blocker Mover they will be very difficult to defend while your opponent will tire of defending all of the screening action.

Wing Ball Screen, with weak side flare screen

I hope that this series has stirred your creative mind and that you study the Blocker Mover.  A great option to ease into the system is to pick a couple of the actions and make set plays out of them.  For example, in the diagram above, the ball screen lift action on one side with a flare screen on the other side is very difficult to defend.  Be creative and fit it to your specific talent.  Also, if you have any questions, please contact me.  Good luck this season!

Coach Joe Kuhn, NJCAA Hall of Fame Coach, is quickly becoming known as an expert in the Blocker Mover System. HoopGrind Basketball has been honored to have Coach Kuhn as a contributor, and we look forward to working with him again.

Below is a link to get his Blocker Mover Manual:

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