Better Coaches – Practice Planning

Better Coaches – Practice Planning

If you do not make the time to plan your practice, then you can not convince me that it is important to you. We are constantly requiring our players to be prepared for practice, but a lot of coaches are not practicing what they preach. A practice plan allows a coach to maximize the use of his assistant coaches, it ensures that your team is progressively improving, and it builds a routine. The importance of this routine is immeasurable, as it allows you to overcome a tough loss, or stay focused following a win. The best coaches are not “results-based.” They are driven by the process. The belief is that if we take care of doing a great job in the process, then the results will follow. Practice planning should be a non-negotiable part of your daily process.

One tool that is worth considering is an IMPLEMENTATION PLAN. This is a document, which is constantly updated, to help a coach ensure that their system is put in place before the start of the season. Below is an example of our Week 1 Implementation plan. This document changed, following each day, and it was continued throughout the first month of the season.

Implementation Plan - Week 1

Your practice plans should align with this Implementation Plan. I would encourage coaches to create a template, which can be updated daily. Below is the template that I have used for the past five seasons. I have kept every practice plan, and this is another tool for me as we jump into a new season. For example, as I evaluated our practice time at the end of last season, it became painfully obvious that we did not spend as much time on rebounding. Keeping the practice plans, to evaluate at the end of the season, helped me realize an area for growth, as we move into this season. Here is our first practice of the 2016-2017 season, which aligns with the first day on the Implementation Plan.

Practice #1


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