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What is HoopGrind Basketball?

HoopGrind is a basketball development program that offers a variety of services to players and coaches at all levels. Our main location is in Jacksonville FL.

We have affiliate programs in Michigan and Texas and also host events and provide service around the country as well as overseas.

What is HoopGrind about?
HoopGrind basketball strives to serve players, coaches and the game. All services, products and staff exist to use the game as a platform for growth and development.
What products and services does HoopGrind offer?
HoopGrind Offers Many Services Including

Player Development (Individual, semi-private, small & large group)
Camps & Clinics
Coach & Program Consulting Services
Club Teams
Basketball Performance Apparel

Where is HoopGrind located?
Main Location
Jacksonville FL

Other Locations

HoopGrind provides player development, coaching services and events around the globe

Who are HoopGrind coaches/staff?
All HoopGrind staff are former or current high level coaches and/or players. Coaches are hand picked by HoopGrind Directors based on very specific criteria. Directors and coaches must pass background checks and must abide by strict HoopGrind standards. We recognize the importance of who teaches our children and that it’s not something to be taken lightly.
What types of player development does HoopGrind Offer?
HoopGrind offers training options to fit the need of every athlete.

 3 primary types of training –

  • Private (1 individual)
  • SemiPrivate (2-5 individuals)
  • Team Training
  • Small Group Training

HoopGrind also offers a variety of other specialized camps and clinics- These are larger group trainings with specialized curriculums designed to develop and cultivate certain skills, intangibles and basketball knowledge.

What does a typical training session with HoopGrind consist of?
HoopGrind trainings focus on true player development. Our programs are curriculum based and data driven. We strive to breakdown aspects of the game using micro skills, overload training and game application to truly ingrain habits that make players successful. Sessions have a strong focus on fundamental skills, competition, performance training and decision making. Our goal is to push athletes outside of their comfort zone, give them the knowledge to excel and teach them skills and techniques they can take away from each session to continue to grow their game on their own.
What type of coaching services does HoopGrind provide?
From practice breakdowns, to X’s & O’s, to game analysis and feedback, take advantage of our consulting services that will create BETTER PLAYERS, BETTER COACHES AND A BETTER GAME.


Some of the services HoopGrind provide:

Coaching Consultations
Online Forums

What type of teams does HoopGrind offer?
HoopGrind Basketball aims to not only develop high level basketball players, but to help athletes use basketball as a tool to learn life lessons, build successful character traits and set them up for a better future.  We want to give youth a chance to go on to college and continue to play the game they love. Along the way we will be working as coaches to not only teach youth how to be successful in the game of basketball, but how to grow into successful young men. Our teams will focus on development, competition and appropriate levels of exposure.


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